Dear Santa,

I really tried to be nice, but there was this thing, and then they, and I – well….

I know you are making a list, checking it twice and your going to find out…

I am not always nice.  Please, let me explain…


‘Tis the season to give pause and offer a moment or two of retrospection as this year quickly draws to a close.  One thing is for certain, these past twelve months have brought forth a steaming pile of change.  As I survey the topographical horizon, it can be a challenge to climb high enough to catch a glimpse of January 2016.  So I have resorted to Google calendar as my periscope.

On the home front there were piano lessons for a teenager; which have given way to the trumpet and marching band.  There was also lots of planning for a collaborative workshop that was squashed by a snow storm.  The summer brought about the beginning of my fourth year of focusing mostly full time on my soulpreneur business; in between transporting the trumpeting teen to her first job and the plethora of summer time adventures.  As fall began to settle in, the schedule became a bit tighter.  As long as everything was on schedule, we kept chugging along.  The cooler weather also brought opportunities for me to share Reiki classes in other locations – another amazing blessing!  I was also able to attend the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference where seeds for 2017 were sewn.

Looking pretty good so far, right?

However, as I begin to traverse the core landscape of 2016, I exhumed some skeletons that might bring into question which list my name may appear.  There are a few times when I spoke harshly; well okay more than a few but I truly tried to suffocate the thoughts.  More often than not, I kept quiet while others were shouting, that should count for something, right?  I so badly wanted to remain on the ‘nice’ list. The aspirations of developing the skill to artfully express my dismay of the vial garbage oozing into the atmosphere are still just that; aspirations.  So the best I could do was keep quiet, most of the time.

Santa you know that for us bridge builders, 2016 has been a smoldering tinderbox. The political climate that has been festering, for way too damn long.  The back draft of November 8th seems to have fully engulfed my structure.  We have all endured the uninformed, antagonistic and blatantly incorrect statements from friends, family and co-workers.  I do admit I found a bit of solace in the ‘unfollow’ options offered on social media venues.  I have found comfort in the return of erectile dysfunction commercials and squeaky reindeer on television.  However, I am left feeling like a day old soiled diaper as I enter into the final weeks of this year.

You see, being nice is really freaking hard sometimes. 

I embrace the fact that we all have backstories that color our future.  I also believe that no one person or group has the only solution.  I want bridges in my life.  I want to be able to cross over to the other side, visit awhile, learn a bit and even commiserate for a moment.  It is possible that I may become better informed; more well-rounded and develop additional empathy by visiting over there.  Yet, returning to home base and being with my tribe is where my soul feels warm and fuzzy.

It is likely that I will not see eye-to-eye with you on which list my name is found.  However, I will share my wishes in hopes that my intentions are taken into consideration.

I would like you to deliver:
  • Respectful, articulate and well informed conversation.
  • Empathy, a steady and free flowing river that touches every soul.
  • Health – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical (I like green and purple bows).
  • Wealth – of courage to be ‘me’. Authentic, genuine, and compassionate with myself and all those I connect with.
  • World Peace, I know this is a long shot but…thought I would put it out there.

Thank you Santa!

And to all…

As we navigate the on-slot of holiday cheer and move beyond the jingling balls, please remember – I See You.  Your light is needed in this world.  Let’s continue to build bridges between us and them. 

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful Japanese technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation.  If you are like me and need a little help to bring this back into balance, give me a call or go on-line today to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.