A small part of what is discussed during Reiki II Practitioner training is the business side of being a healing facilitator. This part of the day is usually met with an upturned lip, a furled eyebrow as the eyes roll, and even an audible groan. We all want to believe in a utopia where we all freely offer our unique gifts to the world and our primary mode of transportation is a unicorn.

I have had many statements offered in defense of discounts, rebates and free services; most of which have the stench of self-discount.

  • I am a new practitioner so my skills are not as developed as others.
  • I don’t feel right accepting payment for my time.
  • I want to be of service and accepting payment would be wrong.

I have heard scrutinizing comments in reference to the fact that I do charge a fee for my services. Someone once compared me charging a fee for Reiki to a clergy member charging to pray with the congregation. I will admit that this generated all of the above reactions before I could manifest a verbal response. I then asked this question ‘do you feel you should pay your mechanic to repair your car’? The answer was something like this: I take my car to a good mechanic. I might pay a bit more than some other shops but I trust that he is honest, well trained and keeps my car operating safely.

Silence…..an uncrossing of the arms and a change in the tone of the facial expression ensued.

We all love a good sale, especially as we prepare to send our children back to school with new clothes and supplies. I use coupons, codes and referrals to save a few dollars. I start a shopping adventure at the clearance rack and search for the yellow dot sales. I even delay my purchases if I know there is a sale starting next week. However, I don’t expect to be given the items for free. There are costs involved with the making of these items. Just as you make the investment of time and money in your training so you continue to grow and learn.

The fact is that we live in a time when money is our primary currency but this can be applied to trading tomatoes for bacon as well.

We exchange what feels fair and reasonable in accordance with the value we place on what we receive. If you value bacon, you may choose to trade a bushel of tomatoes per pound of bacon. If you don’t value bacon, you will trade your tomatoes for kale or make sauce.

You get the idea.

We are willing to ‘pay’ for what we value.

When you enter a hair salon with a big sign on the window that reads “All Cuts $10”, you have a different set of expectations than when you enter a place that advertises “scalp massage included with every cut”. Each of these businesses has value and serves different markets. Both are very important and attract a very different client base.

While coupons, rebates and sales might be a great tool for some, others may find that offering discounted services are short changing our clients. As a recovering supply chain management professional, I struggle with this still today. For me for right now, it feels right to offer a simple payment structure for services with only one ‘discount’ that remains the same all year round.

I want my clients to know that they receive the same high quality service every single session and that Reiki is cumulative, I am interested in being of service for more than one session.

When it comes to the realm of the healing arts; it can be tricky to determine how to establish your business and what, if any fee to charge as you share your gift with the world. You must follow your instincts and honor your higher self. No one answer is right for everyone.  But please, oh please, don’t discount yourself, your skills or your gift.

I share with you a few questions to help you weed through the tomato patch:

  • Are you able to provide for yourself/family with means other than your healing arts business profit?
  • How many clients/hours do you want to work in a day or week?
  • What do you require to continue to grow?
  • What feels right today?
  • How can you best honor your soul’s purpose?
  • What is the real reason you want to offer a discount? Brutal honest is required here.
  • Who is your target market and what do they need/want?

When we discount our skills and talents by diminishing their value or allowing fear to stop us from sharing them, we are cheating the world. We each have a special and unique gift that only we can offer. If we keep that gift wrapped in the box and carry it to our grave, we have all lost out.

Untie the ribbon, open the lid and let your light shine.

Dare to show up, be vulnerable and be the real you that you came to Earth to be.

Did you know the most common inspiration for attending any Reiki class is for personal development?  Many that go on to Reiki Master Teacher level have embraced this healing art for their personal well-being.  Join me in Gettysburg, PA on September 19th and 20th or in Bellefonte, PA on October 24th and 25th to begin your personal development journey (or earn CE for LMTs – both classes are open to the public).  If you are interested in bringing Reiki training to your area, give me a call.

Whatever you decide, do it with all your heart.

Blessings for all the very best.