This morning while watering the plants at the office, a question popped into my heart – “Are you watering your dreams or drowning your fears?”  As the last few drops dribbled over the leaf, there was silence. No reply, not even from the reptilian brain.

Fall is my favorite season.  In the Northeast US this is the time of year that we can observe the maples and willows releasing their leaves with great splendor.  An attempt to hold on to those leaves would be a detriment to the longevity of the tree.  Nature’s seasonal rhythm nudges me to, once again, review my own branches.

Is it possible to be a deciduous evergreen? 

Can I release what is complete yet retain that which feeds my soul? 

I sometimes get caught up in the winds of change while still clinging desperately to what ‘might have been’.  Trying new things, implementing small tweaks or embarking on new adventures is very challenging when you’re gripping tightly to what has become a limiting pattern.

For me, one of the cues that it is time to let go comes from observing my thoughts.  If I am flying the ‘should’ flag at full staff, additional attention is warranted.  If the smell of obligation is wafting in the air as the banner flaps about, it is time to lower it.  Maybe a good cleaning, packing it away in storage or even setting it free may be in order.

Lately I have been feeling frustrated by the should of social media statistics.  Every software application that a business owner can use offers ‘valuable’ insight into what is best received.  The number of clicks on a link can begin to feel like a popularity contest or electoral opinion poll.  I found that I was chasing increased statistics which reduced the amount of time available to spend with clients or being truly present with my family. I had fallen face first into the swamp of ‘more’ as I chased after numbers. I know better, really I do, but it happened. 

Fear…Fear of not being good enough. Fear of financial instability.  

I was drowning in my self-manufactured fear.

As a soul-preneur, it is not always easy to discern the needles from the leaves.  I find the habits of yesterday were clogging tomorrow’s potential.  If I could just release what has run its course, there would be room for real growth in the next season.  By holding on to behaviors passed their season, I was stymieing my own natural progression.

Today, as I am putting my life jacket on and allowing the life raft to pull me ashore. I can’t believe I am doing this…I am releasing old growth from the previously coveted mass mailing list.  I have spent years building this list.  It has served me well and I will spend some time today honoring its service before I set it free.  The mantra I use in times likes these is – Faith * Acceptance Trust * Gratitude (FAT Grat). As I willingly allow this pruning, I know that releasing good will make space for great.

As I watch the leaves of social media statistics and stale email addresses fall to the ground, I refocus my intention toward watering my dreams.  A dream of serving those that arrive in this newly created space until, they too, are ready to be set free.  By releasing this ‘should’ I am making room for what my heart beckons – quality presence with family, clients and fellow light workers.  I choose to water my dream of inviting togetherness that really matters.  No more chasing numbers!

What this means is that I will send out free-ranging blog posts free of obligations to ‘produce’ something because it is Friday.  I am releasing the email addresses that are stale without fearing that there are too few on the list.

I am following my intuition, not statistics.

Are you ready to water your dreams?  Is it time to release a fear or limiting belief?

Reiki and hypnosis are amazing tools to help you achieve your dreams.

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