It has been a harried few weeks. Most of the days were spent rushing from place to place, attempting to squeeze every last bit of summer into the shortening days. So many projects and potential seemed to be rotting on the vines of possibility. Dreams and hopes shriveling in the sun, as the waves of regret and longing for a mid-afternoon nap were washing ashore.

There were many goals and aspirations of what would happen while school was on the summer break. Business goals and family plans, some realized, but most just withering fruit in the scorching summer heat.

As we head back into the routine of school here in the Northern hemisphere, the dense morning fog and crisp evenings remind us that another season is quickly passing.

My instinctual nature is to attempt the implementation of every hair-brained idea that is suggested. I mean everything, from starting another business to trekking through the Pacific Northwest to help Sasquatch retain the hide-and-go-seek championship title (Go Team Big Foot).

I get caught up in the excitement of creating and experiencing new things. I am easily bored with routine and find my thoughts drifting to the opaque regions of possibilities while cooking dinner or strolling through the park.

While some may easily connect to their higher-self during these activities, I seem to find my connection by passing through the abyss of endless opportunities.

I am reminded, yet again, of the importance prioritizing.

It is easy for me to create a vortex of enthusiasm that could swoop up Dorothy and Toto. This effort can be exhausting and sometimes leaves little reserve for the present moment. I LOVE to dream, scheme and plan for ‘some-day,’ and I think it is important to our well-being to engage in this process. However, balancing the energy between now and some-day requires discipline for me.

Maintaining what we have created is important. What good is a race car with a full tank of fuel if the engine is not firing on all cylinders? As I bring my focus back to the now, I find that what was accomplished this summer was enough. Just enough fun mixed in with the toils of adult-ing to make it a delightful season. It was a delightful break from the routine I will soon be grumbling about 😉

It is the perfect time to prioritize personal growth and maintain your engine!

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