Wow what a week – There was a NO at every turn.

A well planned fourteenth birthday full of celebration turned into a three-ring circus. This old oak’s ability to bend and flex in the winds of change were put to the test.

Once again, I tried to pack too much into a day.

The calendar looked a little like this (this schedule was a remnant from my ‘bring it on’ warrior approach):

  • 8am – Private Appointment
  • 9 – 9:30 – Shop for a gift
  • 9:45 – Private Appointment
  • 11 – Pick up cake and daughter’s friends
  • Noon – Daughter’s friends at movie
  • 2:30 – Take friends home
  • 4pm – Private Appointment
  • 5:30 – Dinner
  • 7pm – Cake and ice cream with family

Not much went according to MY plan … a painful and slow moving morning led to beginning with the 9:45 appointment. The cake crafter had an emergency – no cake. The movie we planned to see was now ‘gone’ from the local theaters and only two family members RSVP’d.

The day did not look much like the plan by the time our heads hit the pillow on my daughter’s 14th trip around the sun.

I have to admit that this old oak did not bend without quiet protest.

There was anger and frustration at the forefront of this stormy day. Push through the pain and implement the day as planned was my first reaction at 5:30am.  I was struggling to move beyond the pain as the trek to the shower seemed like a forced march on the Appalachian Trail.

I invested thirty minutes in a quasi Reiki/physical therapy session and followed up with another few minutes of squirmy meditation. Just when I thought I had absolutely no time for self-care, my bows bent and it became my response to the circumstances.

Today, my self-care would have an immediate return on investment.

My daughter and I were together most of the day and we laughed as The Universe lobbed opportunities at us like water filled balloons.

The cups filled with candy for the friends were a big hit (except for the clerk that had to count 300 individual pieces of ‘penny’ candy). I was able to hear the illusive laughter of ten teenagers during the Minion movie as it harmonizes with my own chuckles. And a ride on a wheeled saddle and a yeee haw brought the day to a close.

What we did have was a teenage girl that had a smile on her face and a grateful heart, all day long.

This day was the best gift we could have had.

Later in the week, we made our way to a long anticipated time that was supposed to be filled with learning and catching up with friends that we see only once in a while. This was looking like a gift.

Although we reached our destination and the main attraction was fantastic, all the ‘dishes’ were dancing around like the dinner scene in Beauty and Beast….Do you hear Lumiere signing in my head ’Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test. Tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie, and we’ll provide the rest…we only live to serve.’

We made plans, set goals and prepared for the days ahead. Sometimes we were offered an upgrade or enhancement but walked right past it as we scurried to our next scheduled appointment.

The experiences of the week had me thinking: What do we pass-up because there is no room in the plan? Or if we are too ridged to bend to receive the gifts?

I was reminded to mindfully wield the double edge sword of free will.

Can we embrace the strength of an oak and the fluidity of seaweed?

Is it possible to have goals and structure that also permits the space for blessings?

Are we allowing The Universe to serve us?

Reiki and meditation are two of my daily self-care habits. Do you struggle to get moving in the morning? Do you want to make space to receive but just don’t know how? Check out our classes and community outreach programs explore the possibilities by clicking here.

Are you ready to respond to life’s gifts rather than react to the schedule changes?

This old oak is willing to tie on the napkin – how about you?

Blessings for all the very best.