I found myself enveloped in the barrage of options while searching for just the right card for a dear family member that was in the hospital. A simple procedure required a longer stay than expected but everything was going to be okay.

As I reviewed the category tabs I noticed sections labeled for religious, child, surgery and even funny. Like most, my initial attraction was to the images that were visually pleasing. I found myself mesmerized by the colors, cartoon style drawings and the glittering letters GET WELL SOON.

One of my well-honed skills is to enter into a state of extreme analysis anywhere, anytime.

The rambling thoughts ensued with questions like why was there not a section labeled funny religious, snarky or warm and fuzzy? Then the glitter, why were only the ones in the funny section plastered with large glittery wishes for wellness? The religious section seemed to be filled with hand-drawn scenes of meadows and butterflies or outlines of a book that I was certain was the Bible.

Then the pondering of the phrase “Get Well Soon” began.

Was this a demand being imposed on the recipient by the sender? Was it a request that, at some random point in time, you would be “well”? When is soon anyway? How does one ‘Get Well’ and how will you know if you have achieved this state? Seriously, I just wanted to let my family member know I was thinking of them, not get sucked into the greeting card vortex in isle nine.

One by one, I began to open the sparkly cards.

Each one had some animated, half human – half animal looking creature with a speech bubble filled with a mumbling variations of get well soon. Covered in glitter and shimmering like a fairy, I moved to the religious section. An audible chuckle was released as I noticed the glitter being transferred from the funny to the religious section by me. This section had a more intense tone to the words, quotes from specific passages then closing positively with ‘Get Well Soon’ in a script font at the bottom.

Nothing seemed to reflect what I was trying to share. How is that not one greeting card artist or writer could portray my feelings?

What I wanted to convey to the person in the hospital is: I trust God is always with you and I pray that you are able to allow your will to align with the Divine Will. I don’t know what Well is for you nor do I have any idea when Soon is. I pray that you are able to Get where God wants you to be with grace. 

So when I send a Get Well Soon card; what I really mean is I trust in God.

A spiritual journey is paved by trusting God. This is about your higher self being fully aligned with the Will of God. Your path is not to be dictated by another imposing their beliefs upon you. It is about you seeking the Light and honoring your soul’s awakening. Your wellness is not the same as another’s. The time and place in which you arrive in the state of wellness is not on a schedule that is counted by days or hours.

May you trust in God as you recover your Light at God’s pace.

Godspeed as you allow your wellness to be. Whatever you are recovering from, however you are healing – Get Well Soon!

Blessings for all the very best.