Those of us who are both healing facilitators and entrepreneurs know all too well that a full heart does not always equate to a full bank account.

Most of us become healing entrepreneurs and enter into the personal service realm because we are passionate about supporting others. Paying the insurance premiums and balancing the checking account is just some of the behind the scenes activity that many of us dread.  We love attending continuing education classes to improve how we can best support our clients.  However the funding and time away from our business can be a challenge.

It is easy to forget, as a soul-preneur, just how many hours it takes to support a one hour session with a client. If you were to track your hours and income, are you even making minimum wage? If you were to take on a part-time job yielding this pay, could you even afford to take the job?

For me, the pull to focus on my private practice full time became very strong in 2012. There was absolutely no question that this is what I was supposed to focus on. It is now more than half way through 2016 and the money is still inconsistent. One week there is no more room for additional clients and the next week is all about getting caught up on the accounting and marketing. This clunky cycle can be a catalyst for my inner-critic to shift into over-drive.

The thoughts oscillate from throwing in the towel to hiring three employees so I spend all day teaching.

When I count up the hours per week and the deposits in my bank account, it can be a struggle to justify the expended energy for the financial return.

But then, at the bottom of a deep breath (okay maybe the tenth deep breath) and the end of a self-Reiki session, I find it. My spirit is clear and my heart is full…full of gratitude and love. As I take the time to reflect on the client sessions and classes, I quickly recall what it feels like to be in the presence of the universal energy flowing freely. It is here that I am clear – very clear that the choice to follow the calling of the soul is it.

So how do we sooth the egoic mind and also pay our creditors?

For me, when the ego is intense, I hear the voices of inadequacies crashing through my cranium. This rhetoric is so obnoxious that my heart begins to flounder in the never-ending sea of doubt. Amping up self-care is where I can begin to squelch these reverberations. Quieting the mind-fool-ness is not an easy feat…after all, over-analyzing is one of my super powers.

Calming the inner critic requires diligence and repeated practice, and I say practice because it feels like this is a never-ending effort. It starts with the breath. You know, that thing our autonomic nervous system performs almost 20,000 times per day. As the awareness turns inward, the exploration for the higher-self begins. Once re-connected with the real me, a harmony of meditation, Reiki and hypnosis ensues. This leads the way for the next phase of nurturing, which may include rewiring the brain by reading, coloring, walking, or rocking out to loud 80’s big hair band music. There is nothing Twisted Sister, Poison or Ratt can’t drown out.

As my head bobs like a dashboard novelty on a dirt road, I slowly find balance and am able to re-center.

With my head cleared, my attention turns to the spreadsheets and budgets in the search for monetary balance. This requires heroic skills some months. Just like so many others, I am way too familiar with which credit card has the highest interest rate and exactly what day the electric bill is due. Transferring funds from one account to another to keep the business separate from the personal is a challenge. As my vision blurs from small boxes and numbers, there is a pause.

With a deep breath and a withdrawal from the memory bank, and I am reminded that the most important dividends are deposited in this soul-preneur’s heart.

I leave you with just one question – “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

If you are ready to make some changes or explore a different squeeze, let’s chat.


Beth Whtiman