Medical Reiki

Integrating Reiki and Medicine

Integrating Reiki and Medicine

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a powerful yet gentle healing technique that anyone can learn and make part of their daily life. This instinctive energy healing is facilitated by gently placing the hands on or near the physical body as you and the recipient connect with the universal life source that is in and around every living thing.

It is a complementary technique that promotes stress reduction and increased relaxation, thus improving your well-being through all of life’s circumstances. Reiki helps to create and maintain a ‘buffer’ which allows you to respond to life rather than react.

Who should attend?

Did you know that the most common inspiration for attending any Reiki class is for personal development? Many that go on to Reiki Master Teacher level have embraced this healing art for their personal well-being and practice self-care daily.

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