learning to accept helpThis past week was filled with more opportunities than I could shake a stick at.  The ‘game changer’ for me was a chance to facilitate the inaugural round of Reiki classes in the Washington, DC area.

The germination period for this seed was much longer than my mind perceived it should be. There was plenty of watering, tending, and nurturing that were invested into this budding adventure. I lost track of the transplanting efforts for these Reiki classes as we moved the seedling from one month to the next, searching for the perfect conditions for the roots to take hold. We tried weekdays, weekends, advanced levels and beginner classes.

About a year ago I met with an amazing healing arts practitioner that has managed to nurture her garden of dreams for more than 25 years. Brenda Teal and the marvelous crew at The Teal Center for Therapeutic Bodywork have a healing oasis in the heart of Arlington, VA. They have worked long and hard to manifest this place of respite and rejuvenation among the sky rises and caterpillar-like traffic.  I am absolutely delighted to have the privilege to be one of many visiting instructors they are hosting.

While many of the other presenters have well-established careers in teaching, mine is just beginning to reach beyond my backyard.

As my daughter continues to spread her wings and fly across the football field wielding a brass bell and roll stepping, my plan is to travel more to share what I have learned about Reiki. My husband supports my efforts as he tickles the retirement dragon. I am blessed to have such a supportive family.  My parents also pitch in with gram’s taxi and pap’s watermelon pancakes. And then there are the new-found friends that were made during an episode of summer-time dumpster diving.

It took me more than a year of therapeutic counseling sessions to build a (still awkward) relationship with the word ‘no.’

And this past week I was pushed into the next layer of my perfectionist, self-sufficient, and stubborn facade. I had to ask for and accept help. Talk about stepping in a pile of wet and stinky fertilizer…I found yet another level of vulnerability.

I had to ask neighbors, friends and family to pick up my ‘slack’. That is the word I use when I am forced to ask for help because I can’t keep all the balls in the air and do everything myself. Some might offer the term ‘fiercely independent’ to describe me – I prefer self-sustaining 😉

I fancy being the giver, not the receiver.

If I am going to follow my heart and fulfill my dreams, accepting help is necessary.

In the letting go of I can do it myself, the sprouts of support are blooming wildly.  Weeding out my ego will require persistent awareness.  I still feel the false sense of ‘If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself’ wrapped around me like a warm chrysalis.  But, this experience has given me renewed courage to spread my wings and fly.

If you are ready to explore your dreams and stretch your wings a bit, join me in a Reiki class.  We start by focusing on learning about ourselves and then expand into sharing the healing energy with others.

Check out the schedule here.